This “Forbidden” Food
Super-Charges Your Brain

By Lee Euler
Editor of Natural Health Insiders


It’s being called a “silent epidemic”…

A brain health crisis already growing faster than Alzheimer’s disease or dementia… and affecting the memory and cognitive abilities of Americans as young as 40.

Over the next decade, the U.S. government will spend more than $3 billion to study this threat1… yet for millions of young and middle-aged adults, this research may come too late.

My name is Lee Euler, president of Natural Health Insiders – a publishing company that specializes in uncovering new ways to stop and reverse today’s most deadly and feared health problems…

And together with my team of researchers, I’ve spent months looking at a trend so alarming, many health experts still hesitate to speak about it publicly.

One of the most sinister things we’ve discovered about this condition is that the effects may appear only “minor” at first…

You could easily dismiss them as simple “premature senior moments” like forgetting your keys, your parking place, or the name of a person you just met… or even just recurring “brain fog” or decreased mental energy…

And perhaps scariest of all…

You May Be at Greater Risk
If You’re Healthy…

… and you faithfully follow health recommendations from your doctor, the government and medical authorities.

I’m also going to expose the major screw-up that allowed this nationwide epidemic to spiral out of control… and how those responsible are now scrambling to fix it.

Just a word of warning: This threatens to become a major medical scandal…

Because it involves common health advice we’ve all heard that’s supposed to help save your life… but actually harms your memory instead.

So you may find some of the information in this special report controversial or even shocking.

In the interest of preventing liability or even panic, many inside government and major corporations involved in this crisis would rather this information stayed  hidden from public view.

However… knowing what I now know to be true, I cannot stay silent any longer…

And if you’ve ever seen first-hand just how devastating the loss of memory and mental acuity can become… then you’ll understand why exposing the truth behind the growing epidemic of memory decline is more than just a professional obligation for me – it’s personal.

 You see, several years before my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and we had to place her in a nursing home … we started noticing ‘small’ memory lapses that got bigger and more severe as time went on. Seemingly innocent things – from not depositing checks or paying bills, to forgetting to take her medications…

We Didn’t Know What These Little
Memory Lapses Meant…

… until they got really bad and the doctors told us it was dementia.

And when we couldn’t care for her on our own anymore… her mental decline meant she couldn’t just go into regular ‘assisted living’…

Instead, she had to sleep in the special ward reserved for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients whose memory loss had become so severe, the staff had to lock the doors to prevent them from wandering off with no idea how to get back…

When I’d visit her, I could tell that she recognized that I was someone she “should” know… yet she couldn’t remember my name… or her own. Before long, she had even forgotten how to feed herself: She had to be spoon-fed, or she wouldn’t eat.

You might think that by this point, when you had forgotten everything else… at least you wouldn’t remember what you had lost. But the worst part is, I’m not so sure. She would get this frightened, haunted look in her eyes – a look that told me she knew somewhere deep down that part of her personality… and her life… had disappeared.

Now, my mother was “luckier” than some – mercifully, she only lingered in that awful state for a year… and she was in her early 80’s by the time her memory started to fade.

Many People are Now Experiencing
The Onset of Memory Decline
Earlier Than Ever Before2

And when I started having trouble with my memory in my early 40’s… it sent me on a mission to discover the cause, and what – if anything – could stop the damage before it was too late.

Because when you’re like me and you’ve seen what’s waiting for you at the end of a long, slow decline… it no longer feels like there’s any such thing as a “minor” memory lapse.

Every time you buy something at the store, pay the cashier and then walk out leaving your purchase on the counter… or draw a blank on the name of somebody you’ve met before…  or have a ‘mental block’ on the name of a movie you just saw last weekend…

… you can try making light of it with little jokes. I used to say if you see someone on the street carrying an umbrella, it was probably one I forgot and left somewhere…

Yet you can’t help but feel like every precious memory you have could be living on borrowed time.

I’ll tell you one thing: I knew I wasn’t going to go quietly. I started poring through clinical studies, consulting experts, reading books and journals – and what I soon discovered, far below the ‘noise’ of the media hype and headlines, shocked me…

Because even though recent surveys reveal many adults are now more afraid of losing their cognitive abilities than they are about heart disease, stroke, or even cancer…3

Two disturbing facts began to emerge from all the studies, all the books and all the data:

Even though you would think we should be getting smarter… memory, intelligence and overall cognitive performance are declining at epidemic proportions. You might even call it a “brain drain”…

In fact, as modern medicine is giving us longer life spans… and prescription drugs, healthier diets and exercise are steadily improving everything from average height to our physical quality of life…

At the same time, one recent study comparing intelligence tests over the decades concludes that…

By Some Measures,
We’ve Lost an Average of 14 IQ Points
Over the Last Century4

Since the latest brain research shows that intelligence and memory are closely related – practically two sides of the same coin – this suggests that we’re losing more than just our ability to calculate tips at a restaurant… we’re losing our ability to remember the meal we just ate.

And if we’re already losing our mental “edge” compared to our parents and grandparents… it starts getting even more disconcerting when you consider…

Fact number two: This already-growing trend of mind and memory decline is getting worse, not better:

Already, government-sponsored research at the Centers for Disease Control, the Alzheimer’s Association and other organizations predicts that cases of severe memory impairment will double in America alone by 2050…5

And remember, we’re not just talking about Alzheimer’s and ‘senile dementia’ affecting people in their final years of life…

In fact, although the statistics don’t often show it because people typically don’t seek help… when you count the number of otherwise healthy adults who will begin suffering more “minor” memory problems, the total number of memory health disorders in America could more than double…

Many Men and Women
Will Watch the Mental Sharpness
They Took for Granted
Slipping Away In Their 40’s And 50’s…

… rather than their 70’s and 80’s. And after decades of frustrating “brain fog,” they will begin experiencing even more severe memory loss as they age, at rates that would have seemed unthinkable even a generation ago.

Again, most unnerving of all, you may be at even higher risk the healthier you are in other ways.

If all of this sounds grim to you – and it should – the good news is that through all of this research… the very same research that has already led me to publish two bestselling books on brain health…

I’ve discovered a THIRD crucial fact – and a remarkable nutrient – that promises to help anyone affected by this brain health epidemic fight back against mental decline…

Just picture it: Rather than feeling helpless as your memory betrays you… instead your mind is so sharp you feel like you have an unfair advantage. Your conversations flow effortlessly. In place of your old brain fog, you welcome a new buzz of mental energy… as names, faces and facts you used to draw a ‘blank’ on seem to snap to the front of your mind the instant you need them…

And this is not just “wishful thinking” – it’s quickly becoming a reality for people all across the country.

In fact, this discovery has already helped me in rolling back my own symptoms of premature memory loss… and if you’re experiencing any of the same signs that used to worry me so much, you owe it to yourself to find out if you are missing this one crucial ingredient for normal brain health.

Yet despite its amazing promise, many doctors are still in the dark about this breakthrough – and you still won’t hear about it in the news, unless you read medical journals for pleasure. So keep watching…

Because before you see the missing link that’s putting your brain at risk… first, you deserve to know the reason behind this growing health crisis, even if you find it as shocking as I did…

I called it a ‘screw-up’ and a ‘scandal’ a minute ago – and that’s putting it mildly. Because about 60 years ago today…

Public Health Authorities Made a Fateful Decision
To Sacrifice Your Brain to Save Your Heart…

Just for a moment, imagine it’s September 26, 1955…

It’s Monday morning, and you’ve just heard on the radio that the President – Dwight D. Eisenhower – has collapsed from a massive heart attack. And it’s not just an isolated event: As world-renowned Harvard cardiologist, Dr. Paul Dudley White, explains to the nation, Eisenhower suffers from heart disease.

As one historian later writes… practically overnight the president’s condition makes the entire country heart-conscious in a way even the American Heart Association could never have achieved on its own…6

Now, as the country reacts in shock, the stock market plunges in its biggest ever single-day loss… and health officials begin to go public about a culprit few people have ever heard of in 1955. A threat that doctors blame for the President’s illness… and the newspapers begin calling, “the medical villain cholesterol.”

Facing a growing scare over heart disease, physicians and health authorities begin giving patients the same advice you’ve probably heard from your own doctor: To reduce your risk of heart disease… eat less fat and lower your cholesterol.

What is their prescription? The explosion in cholesterol-lowering drugs is far in the future, so doctors recommend eating less of high-cholesterol foods like eggs and dairy products…

Sure enough, as the American public becomes more and more educated about the dangers of cholesterol over the coming decades… the popularity of these foods begins to fade. Much of the information about cholesterol-rich foods is just plain wrong, as we now know. Yet millions of people believe it and do exactly what they’re told.

Egg substitutes and margarine fly off the grocery store shelves… while sales of real eggs go down by almost half and milk consumption drops by nearly 40%...7

… and the death rate from heart disease begins to fall along with them, so naturally medical experts think everything is going just fine.

Yet as more and more clinical studies seem to confirm the link between cholesterol and heart disease, and health experts celebrate the decline of an epidemic… a new epidemic takes its place.

Invisibly at First, Rates of Brain Diseases and
Memory Impairment Begin to Increase

For decades, this alarming trend baffled doctors and scientists… yet researchers are finally pointing their fingers at one of the primary causes:

Your doctor’s well-meaning advice to lower cholesterol may be weakening your brain.

You see, just as your heart needs vital nutrients like iron and magnesium to pump blood through your body… your brain requires special chemicals known as “neurotransmitters” to transmit signals from one brain cell to another.

And when those neurotransmitters fall out of balance… everything from your memory and IQ to your mental energy and even your mood begins to suffer.

The problem is, your brain can’t manufacture all the neurotransmitters you need for optimal brain function all on its own. Instead, your brain relies on nutrients found in your food to make enough neurotransmitters to keep you sharp…

And one of the most vital of these “brain foods” is a compound known as choline.

Just How Essential is This One ‘Obscure’ Nutrient?

You’ll notice I’ve placed little numbers next to the scientific studies referenced in this special report so you can even read them yourself if you choose – and I won’t bore you with mountains of science…

Suffice to say that if pharmaceutical companies could get a monopoly on choline –especially a recently discovered and incredibly powerful variety that I’ll introduce to you in just a minute – they’d probably call it a wonder drug

After all, not only is choline essential for maintaining normal levels of a particularly important neurotransmitter called acetylcholine that helps boost your memory and overall brain performance…

Researchers are also discovering choline’s role in boosting dopamine – the neurotransmitter that allows you to feel pleasure or be in a “good mood”… as well as norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter crucial for attention and focus.8

And when choline’s not building up your neurotransmitters, it’s going to work increasing your brain’s levels of “ATP” – the high-energy fuel your brain uses to keep itself ‘switched on’ and ready for action.9

Not only that… choline also helps protect your brain from “free radical” damage… and even keeps your brain from shrinking with age by helping you build new brain tissue.10

It’s not surprising then that in one recent clinical study alone, conducted over four weeks with 24 adults  -- some with memory problems, some without -- choline appeared to significantly improve short-term memory…11

That’s not all. Another double-blind study involving 48 men and 47 women ages 50 and up concluded that choline boosted verbal memory and recall…12

… and a further study at MIT with 260 subjects showed that choline may even help relieve the memory loss symptoms of patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.13

In fact, by 1998…

The Mountain of Evidence
Led the Prestigious National Academy
of Sciences to Certify Choline
As an “Essential Nutrient for Public Health”…

 … and recommend a daily adequate intake of at least 425 milligrams a day for women and 500 milligrams a day for men…14

The National Academy of Sciences is the single most powerful and esteemed scientific body in the United States.

Now, maybe you can already imagine where I’m going with this…

Because the best natural dietary sources of choline are… YES, you guessed it: eggs and dairy products. The very same high-cholesterol foods the government and the medical community have urged us not to eat in decades’ worth of public-awareness campaigns!

The result? Nine out of ten Americans don’t get even the bare minimum daily adequate intake of choline.15 And keep in mind, like most government health numbers, the “adequate intake,” as they call it, is just what you’d need for average health. The same studies strongly indicate you should be getting ever higher daily doses for optimal brain performance and memory function.

How can you tell if you’re deficient in choline?

It’s not a number that you’ll find on your average blood test at the doctor’s office – yet if you experience common symptoms such as memory lapses… “brain fog”… or difficulty concentrating or paying attention… And particularly, if you have responsibly followed the best medical advice to cut down on high-fat, high-cholesterol foods…

Then you are most likely running low on this crucial compound.

In turn, chronically low choline levels deprive you of the neurotransmitters you absolutely need for clear thinking and memory formation... and can even shrink your brain. That’s right – in the same way as your body would begin to break down your own muscle tissue for protein if you were starving… your starving brain can begin to cannibalize its own cell walls to free up enough choline to keep itself alive.

And although I don’t mean to scare you too much… recent research has connected chronic low neurotransmitter levels and brain tissue decline to a significantly higher risk for more serious conditions like senile dementia and Alzheimer’s…16

Of course, I’m not shouting “conspiracy” here – choline and its vital importance for brain health was little-understood (if at all) by most doctors a generation ago…

And I want to make something clear: I’m not saying choline will cure or prevent Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.  But these are the facts:  Choline IS essential to brain health.  A large part of your brain tissue is made up of choline.

If a magician could snap his fingers and remove all the choline from your brain – you’d be dead.

And it’s also a fact that MOST Americans aren’t getting enough choline in their diets – especially those who have cut back on eggs, as most of us have.

Why Aren’t Doctors Doing Something
About This Shocking Deficiency?

Even now that the evidence behind choline has become too overwhelming to ignore, the simple fact is that your doctor’s highest priority is to keep your heart healthy, even if it means risking your memory and mental performance in the process.

Given the choice between giving you advice that saves you from heart disease or advice that spares your memory… it’s a tough call most physicians wouldn’t hesitate to make… even if they’d rather you stayed blissfully ignorant about the tradeoff.

Yet the good news is… finally, it’s a sacrifice you no longer have to accept…

All because of that all-important third discovery I promised you at the beginning.

So how can you replenish your brain’s choline supplies, boost your brain cells and your neurotransmitters, and revitalize your memory… without putting yourself at higher risk for a heart attack or a stroke?

I Wish I Could Tell You
the Solution was as Simple
As Just Eating More High-Choline Foods
Like Fresh Eggs and Dairy…

Yet even though the latest medical research reveals that the “dietary cholesterol” found in these foods actually poses little risk to your heart…

Ever since these high-choline foods fell out of favor, the quality of the eggs and dairy available on your local supermarket shelves has also plummeted…

And that’s crucial for your brain health because studies show that unlike the minimally processed milk and the pastured, organic eggs Americans enjoyed half a century ago…

Today’s caged, mass-produced eggs and hyper-pasteurized dairy products contain far fewer nutrients than they’re supposed to17... And far too many of these factory-produced egg and dairy products are contaminated with pesticides, hormones and other chemicals that may make your brain performance worse instead of better.

And while the federal government’s new $3 billion B.R.A.I.N Initiative promises future technologies that may one day take our brain health to amazing new levels…

That’s cold comfort if you’re already experiencing memory blanks and brain fog now… and you want to do something today besides simply “hoping” your premature senior moments don’t get any worse.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you that after intensive research, my team and I have finally identified a source of pure, pharmaceutical-grade choline that you can add to your diet without consuming a single extra milligram of cholesterol.

That means it’s safe even if you’re on the strictest “doctor’s orders” to lower your cholesterol… or even if you’re taking a statin drug.

It’s even gluten-free and kosher… completely free of soy and GMO’s… and so simple to add into your daily routine that you can take this pure choline in seconds with or without food, with nothing besides a sip of water.

Plus… because it’s scientifically formulated in a lab, this once-a-day choline capsule is even more effective than the “dietary” choline you could get by eating organic eggs and dairy…

In Fact, This Particular Choline Formula
is So Uniquely Effective – It’s Been
Recognized by a U.S. Trademark...

That’s crucial – because due to the attention stirred up by some of the amazing results of recent studies… there are far more cheap, knock-off varieties of choline out there than there are REAL, high-quality versions.

It’s the reason why when my team and I set out to produce the highest quality choline supplement available, we not only built it around the latest science backed by the exact same proprietary type of choline used in the latest clinical studies…

… we actually turned ourselves into “guinea pigs” before letting it out of the lab to ensure it met the highest standards of quality.

And the result – a unique supplement we’re calling Brain Vitality Plus™ – is only available here on this page.

That means, instead of getting Brain Vitality Plus™ “second-hand” from a supplement store that jacks up the price…

We get it shipped from our FDA-inspected storage facility to us and then ship it directly to your door… so you can be 100% confident of its freshness and potency. In fact, my office is right next door to the clean, temperature-controlled room where we store this factory-fresh nutrient until you ask for it.

It also means that you’re now just a few short days away from experiencing the amazing benefits of a freshly revitalized memory. Because Brain Vitality Plus™ does not contain any caffeine or other stimulants – ONLY pure choline – the changes may be subtle at first.

You may not “feel” the change as renewed levels of neurotransmitters flood your brain, increasing the efficiency and speed of the connection between every brain cell. Yet soon – probably within just a week of taking your first capsule…

To start your risk-free trial
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You’ll Wake Up to a Wonderful Sensation
Of Mental Energy and Vitality…

Instead of lagging as the day goes on, you find yourself staying sharp, alert and creative without embarrassing lapses, forgetfulness or ‘brain fog’. In fact, you may even be tempted to skip your morning coffee… or find yourself effortlessly sailing through your usual “afternoon slump” without a hint of fatigue.

This approach sure works for me! I don’t drink coffee anymore, and I have a high energy level all day long.

Names, faces, the plots of books you’ve read and movies you’ve seen – rather than feeling ‘blocked,’ they just seem to “come to you”… And although I can’t promise you’ll be recruited by MENSA… if your experience is anything like mine, you will feel smarter.

Now, I won’t lie to you – a carefully prepared scientific formulation like Brain Vitality Plus™ is normally not a cheap investment… and normally, even after cutting out the “middle man,” each bottle retails for $29.95 in our online store.

Yet that price is not for you…

If you’re still watching right now, you’ve proven that you take your memory and brain health as seriously as I do… and like I said before, considering what happened in my family, this isn’t just “business” to me ­– it’s personal.

That’s why, because I’m so sure Brain Vitality Plus™ will help you achieve a new mental “edge” more powerful than anything you’ve felt in years… and because I want to make this discovery affordable to anyone who needs it…

I’m making you a “no strings attached” offer . . .

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I Know You’ll Understand Exactly
Why I’m So Confident…

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And remember, I’ve stacked everything in your favor to make sure there’s no way you can lose – because the harsh truth is, there are really only two possible paths you can take from here now that you’ve watched this presentation and know the truth:

You can choose to ignore everything you’ve seen here… even ignore the telltale signs and symptoms of memory decline that you may already be experiencing today… and simply “hope” that your mental performance improves all on its own…

Even though you now know that once you start down this road, things only get steadily worse, not better… OR…

You can take the second path… the smart path… and experience the amazing feeling of “waking up” your brain as you enjoy the confidence of a quicker, sharper memory starting as soon as just days from right now.

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Thank you for watching – I know you’ll make the right decision, and I can’t wait to share Brain Vitality Plus™ with you and celebrate your success.

Click here now, and I’ll see you on the next page.

Yours for better health,

Lee Euler

President, Green Valley Natural Solutions

To start your risk-free trial
call us toll free at

Right now, from this page only you can try Brain Vitality Plus™ for 30 days risk-free. Just pay $9.95 to cover the cost of shipping and handling, and I’ll rush you a full 60-day supply.

That’s two bottles of Brain Vitality Plus – a $59.90 value – with only $9.95 due today. If you’re not completely thrilled with your results by day 30, just call or email us, then send back the unused portion – and we will never charge your card another cent. Your card will only be charged if you decide to keep your two bottles in 30 days. 

This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose.

To start your risk-free trial
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I have enough confidence in Brain Vitality Plus to take a chance and send you two bottles now for nothing but shipping and handling.

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